What is the ITK Alumni network?
Which targets does it pursue?
Which projects do we organise?

Irene Armand Pilón, Uruguay ITK 2013/2 – Volleyball

After the course, you will never pursue a goal or professional project without being aware of the fact that you now belong to a large and ever-increasing network of coaches from all around the world.

Irene Armand Pilón, Uruguay ITK 2013/2 – Volleyball


The international ITK Alumni network consists of more than 5500 coaches from 150 countries of all continents, who have graduated from ITK since its existence. Their fields of work are very multi-faceted: they are active in mass and professional sports, in sports federations and clubs, schools, universities and ministries; in their functions they are capable of contributing to the positive development of sports and societal structures in the respective countries.

Using the concept of the ITK Alumni network, we pursue three major targets:

  1. We intend to connect our alumni worldwide and thereby to offer them the opportunity to have a continuous exchange on their work in their home countries.
  2. Under the headline “Experts in Global Sports” we, together with our alumni, establish and expand an international network and thereby contribute to the development of sports worldwide. 
  3. Within the meaning of “Lifelong Learning” we intend to use our intensive alumni work to promote our graduates professionally and personally beyond the accomplished course and ensure a sustainable effect of our International Coaching Courses.

We organise our projects in cooperation with our alumni in their countries of origin. Educational institutions, sports ministries and associations support us in these endeavours.

By running our projects, we intend to: 

  • bring people together who connect scientific findings from universities to practical work in clubs. We thereby continue the central approach of ITK: to connect theory to practice.
  • promote scientific exchange.
  • expand the theoretical knowledge of our participants so that they can put these into practice.
  • offer the opportunity to our alumni to get connected across different years and country borders and thereby to expand the international ITK Alumni network.
  • contribute to the empowerment of women in sports.
  • establish worldwide partnerships for the development of Sports Science under the headline of “Experts in Global Sports”.
  • enable and encourage our alumni to have a positive impact on sports and societal structures in their countries.

The so-called ITK Pathfinder projects are brief advanced training courses for young people in sports, who are to be familiarized with ITK. These advanced trainings are initiated and organised by ITK alumni in their countries and supported by experts from Leipzig University. The ITK Pathfinder projects were brought into being in order to:

  • enable coaches all over the world to get to know lecturing methods and approaches of the Sports Science Faculty.
  • to support our alumni in their exchange and networking with different sports associations.
  • motivate our alumni to develop and expand a regional cooperation among different stakeholders in sports and the responsible local authorities as well as sports associations.


The ITK Ambassador programme was brought into being in 2014. Today it unites ITK Ambassadors from 52 countries. They act as multipliers of ITK and promote the expansion of the ITK Alumni network.

The ITK Ambassadors:

  • organise and administrate a regional structure, which includes all alumni of the respective country or the respective region – e.g. in the form of alumni associations.
  • establish contacts with significant institutions in sports and politics in their home country.
  • inform about ITK.
  • conduct advanced trainings in their countries.
  • organise ITK Pathfinder projects in cooperation with the Sports Science Faculty.
  • assist with international publications.
  • support employees of Leipzig University by providing background information about their country. 
  • serve Leipzig University as contacts for organising visits in their country.
  • help to get in touch with regional associations and clubs.

ITK Ambassadors have already established alumni associations in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, Haiti, Cameroon, Morocco, Mexico, Senegal, Tunisia, Paraguay, Togo, Ecuador, Niger (effective 2020).


Introduction of ITK Ambassadors:

Egypt – Mohamed Gamal
ITK 2015/2 – Conditioning Coach

Algeria – Kamal Benhabiles
ITK 2000/1 – Handicap Sports

Argentina – Martín Bugari
ITK 2011/1 – Football 

Belize – Philip Marin 
ITK 2014/1 – Football

Benin – Aldo L. F. Rigis Gnonlonfoun
ITK 2017/2 – Handball

Botswana – Misani Mphithang
ITK 2019/2 – Conditioning Coach

Brazil – Cleberson Lopes Yamada  
ITK 2005/1 – Track and Field 

Chile – Maria José Gutiérrez Serrano
ITK 2011/1 – Football

Costa Rica – Bryan Mora Flores 
ITK 2016/1 – Football

Côte D'Ivoire – N'Dri Sosthène Kouadio 
ITK 2013/2 – Conditioning Coach

Ecuador – Anabel Patricia Barahona Abril 
ITK 2016/2 – Basketball

El Salvador – Xénia Guadalupe
ITK 2007/2 – Handball

Gabon – René Franck Hugues Maganga Maganga
ITK 2012/1 – Volleyball

Gambia – Mahmoud Lamin Jawla 
ITK 2012/13 – Handball

Ghana – Dr. Emmanuel Osei Sarpong
ITK 2010/1 – Football

Guatemala – Gersón Josué Urias Madrid
ITK 2014 – Conditioning Coach

Haiti – Vladimyr Mathieu 
ITK 2011/2 – Table Tennis

Honduras – Suyapa Padilla Lanza
ITK 2012/1 – Handicap Sports

India – Uma Kant Singh 
ITK 2013/2 – Basketball

Indonesia – Nurul Naharis Sa‘adah
ITK 2017/2 – Sports Management

Iraque – Dr. Hayder Subhi Alawsi 
ITK 2016/1 -– Sports Management

Jordan -– Raiea Al Khrasat
ITK 2006/1 – Track and Field


Cameroon – Gaspard Bidias Bondoma
ITK 2009/1 -– Football

Kazakhstan -– Yevgeniy Krassikov
ITK 2016/1 -– Sports Management

Kenia – Michael Kuria Wambui
ITK 2016/2 – Table Tennis

Colombia -– Dr. Mario Bernardo García Rosero
ITK 2002/2 – Volleyball

Kosovo – Lekë Tërmkolli
ITK 2019/2 -– Conditioning Coach

Madagascar – Helina Randrianjatovo
ITK 2016/2 -– Conditioning Coach


Maldives – Ahmed Shakir
ITK 2014/1 – Football

Morocco – Naoual Zaâraoui 
ITK 2014/1 – Track and Field

Mauretania – Amadou Moustapha Keita
ITK 1998/1 -– Basketball


Mexico – Olimpia Puerto Moctezuma  
ITK 2004/2 – Sports Psychology

Mozambique – Isabel Jaime Quetxoaio 
ITK 2018/2 – Sports Management

Myanmar – Mai Olivia Yin Hua Thawng Luai
ITK 2017/1 – Sports Management

Namibia – Victoria Katukula
ITK 2015/2 – Sports Management

Nepal – Dinesh Chandra Nakarmi 
ITK 2006/2 – Basketball

Niger – Issaka Issifou
ITK 2018/1 – Volleyball

Nigeria – Israel Olusegun Adeoye
ITK 2013/2 -– Basketball

North Macedonia – Martin Mojsovski
ITK 2019/2 – Conditioning Coach

Palestine –  Khaled M. A. Khami
ITK 2011/2 – Basketball

Panama -– Gabriel Antonio Valdes Rivera 
ITK 2012/2 -– Basketball

Paraguay – Karim Gonzalez Mallada
ITK 1995/2 – Artistic Gymnastics

Peru – Ximena Choy
ITK 2006/2 – Conditioning Coach


Rwanda – Jean Pierre Ndacyayisenga 
ITK 2012/1 – Track and Field

Senegal -– Aida Niang
ITK 2014/2 – Basketball

Zimbabwe -– Munyaradzi Mhonda
ITK 2017/2 – Sports Management

Sri Lanka – Chaminda Kumara Karunakalage
ITK 2012/1 – Track and Field

South Africa –  Mpumelelo Shangase
ITK 2020/1 – Handicap Sports


Tanzania - Tuntufye Aggrey Mwambusi 
ITK 2017/2 - Sports Management

Thailand -– Supaporn Chutosri
ITK 2016/1 – Sports Management 

Turkmenistan -– Jennet Rahimova
ITK 2018/2 -– Handball

Uganda -– Innocent Asiimwe 
ITK 2015/2 -– Sports Management

Uruguay – Ana Cristina Gómez Ferreira
ITK 2017/2 – Sports Management

Uzbekistan – Rashid Burnashev
ITK 2019/1 – Sports Management

ITK Senior Ambassadors

Dr. Alexandre Velly Nunes
ITK 1998 - Judo


Jimena Rojas Cordero
Costa Rica
ITK 2011 - Football


Leandro Olvech
ITK 2003 - Handicap Sports


Dr. Rene J. Romero Esquivel
DHfK 1974/76 (Magister), 1981/84 (Promotion)

N‘Dri Sosthène Kouadio, Ivory Coast ITK 2013/2 – Conditioning Coach

The ITK Alumnicamp in Ivory Coast 2019 was a great opportunity to strengthen the capacities of our coaches in terms of developing training methods. We are grateful that this project has benefited several coaches from several countries.

N‘Dri Sosthène Kouadio, Ivory Coast ITK 2013/2 – Conditioning Coach


  • 2013 – ITK Alumni camp Costa Rica
  • 2013 – ITK Alumni camp Brazil
  • 2014 – ITK Alumni camp Egypt
  • 2014 – 50 years of ITK – The ITK anniversary in 2014 (ITK Ambassadors’ training)
  • 2015 – ITK Pathfinder Costa Rica
  • 2015 – ITK Alumni camp Armenia
  • 2015 – ITK Alumni camp Uganda
  • 2015 – ITK Ambassador meeting Morocco
  • 2015 – ITK Pathfinder Morocco
  • 2016 – SIEFLAS in Leipzig
  • 2016 – ITK Alumni meeting Brazil
  • 2016 – ITK Pathfinder India
  • 2017 – ITK Pathfinder Kazakhstan
  • 2017 – ITK Pathfinder Morocco (Tétouan and Rabat)
  • 2017 – ITK Ambassador meeting in Leipzig
  • 2017 – ITK Pathfinder Cuba
  • 2017 – Alumni meeting; 10th anniversary of ITK Handball 2007
  • 2018 – ITK Alumni camp Cuba
  • 2018 – ITK Ambassador meeting in Buenos Aires & Alumni meeting during the Youth Olympic Games
  • 2018 – IWG - ITK Alumni meeting on the occasion of the World Conference on Women and Sport in Botswana
  • 2018 – International Workshop & Alumni meeting Indonesia (Asian Games 2018)
  • 2018 – ITK Pathfinder Costa Rica 2018
  • 2018 – Alumni meeting - 25th anniversary of ITK Swimming 1993
  • 2019 – ITK Pathfinder Benin
  • 2019 – ITK Pathfinder Mexico
  • 2019 – ITK Pathfinder Tanzania
  • 2019 – ITK Alumni camp Côte d’ Ivoire
  • 2019 – ITK Ambassador and Alumni meeting
  • 2020 – Virtual ITK Ambassador meeting

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