Are you interested in one of our courses and would like to know if and how you can apply? Then you've found the right place, because in this section you'll find all relevant information about the application process.

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  1. May I apply for a study course at ITK?

  2. You may apply for one of our courses if you are from Africa, Asia, Europe or Latin America and have your permanent residence in a country listed on the DAC list of ODA Recipients.

  3. You have to provide proof of an academic degree in the field of sports or an adequate qualification.
  4. You also need to provide proof of having a current occupation in sports. This may be in lecturing or teaching, but also in training, counselling, coordination or a similar field.
  5. You should have personal experience as an active athlete in your chosen type of sport. If you are applying for the course “Handicap Sports”, this requirement is not applicable. If you want to apply for the course “Conditioning Coach”, it does not matter in which type of sport you were active as an athlete.
  6. If you want to apply for a course held in a language, which is not the official language of your country, you have to prove that you are fluent – both in speaking and writing – in this respective course language or in German.
  7. If you suffer from a disease that seriously endangers the health of other participants or interferes with the orderly conduct of the course, you are not allowed to participate in the course. You must submit medical documents to prove your physical health.
  8. Our courses aim at applicants who are not older than 40 years of age.

If you get admission to participate in our course, you will receive a monthly scholarship financed by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The scholarship amount is determined by the current minimum amounts for securing your subsistence according to §2 section 3 of the Residence Act and is sufficient to cover the costs of your daily needs. The scholarship also includes costs for rent, health and accident insurance, tuition fees and ticket for public transport.

  • If you’d like to apply for one of our courses, you have to submit your complete application dossier to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in your home country.
  • Please note that the indicated application deadlines always refer to the receipt of documents in Leipzig. Therefore, you need to check with the embassy for their deadlines several weeks in advance. If your application dossier arrives in Leipzig after the application deadline or if you submit the dossier directly to us – and not via the embassy – we unfortunately cannot consider your application. In this case, all costs and efforts would have been in vain.
  • Attention: We won’t return your application dossier to you after the application process has been completed. Therefore, please do not send us your original certificates, licenses and documents alike, but only certified copies of the same.

In the original*:

  • Application form filled in completely in the course language
  • Medical form filled in completely in the course language, together with laboratory results (please note: these medical documents must not be older than three months prior to the application deadline.)
  • In the original* or as certified copy – and if required as certified translation into the course language in case your documents were issued in another language:
  • Academic degree on the completion of a study program in the area of sports, respectively in an adequate education as physical education teacher, coach or instructor including attestation of relevant advanced trainings
  • Proof of your personal professional experience in sports, e.g. in lecturing or in training in the sports discipline/specialisation of the chosen course
  • Proof of your personal experience as an active athlete in the sports discipline of the chosen sport, respectively in your major type of sport if you apply for the course “Conditioning Coach” (not applicable if you apply for the course “Handicap Sports”)
  • Proof of your current professional occupation
  • Proof of your fluent mastery of the course language – in speech and writing – if the course language is not an official language of your country. You may also attend the course in German, but in this case you would need to provide proof of your fluent mastery of German – in speech and writing.
  • A passport copy
  • 4 biometric passport photos

* Please note that we will generally be unable to return submitted documents!

Upon expiration of the application deadline, we will peruse all documents and select suitable candidates. Afterwards we will forward our decisions to the embassies, which usually inform admitted and stand-by candidates only. By then, several weeks will have passed.

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