Are you curious about what it's like to work as a researcher in sport psychology? Here's your chance to find out. Read here about why you should join us for your compulsory internship, what to expect, and how to apply.

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Are you interested in scientific research and do you want to find out what it takes to be part of a research team in a university setting? Do you wonder if exploring research topics in sport psychology will meet your expectations or if studying sport science is the right choice for you? Join our team for your compulsory internship, and we guarantee that you will gain insights and work experience in the exciting field of sport psychology research.

As our internships focus on research, we can only offer insights into applied sport psychology on an occasional basis. Follow this link to get an overview of our current research topics.

Your internship must be a compulsory component of you school or university's examination regulations. Requests for pre-study internships (i.e., pre-enrollment requirement for university admission) will be decided on a case-by-case basis in consultation with our university administration.


Unfortunately, we do not offer voluntary internships (i.e., non-compulsory internships) at this time.

Here's how to apply for an internship

You would like to become an intern with us? Then please send us the following documents to apply:

  • letter of motivation
    Tell us why you want to do your internship with us and what research topics you're interested in. Please also send us dates, i.e., your availability for the internship.
  • your CV
  • copy of your latest academic transcripts

Please send these documents, preferably in PDF format, to the contact displayed in the sidebar. We look forward to hearing from you!


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