Learn more about teaching in the working group Exercise Psychology and get an overview of our courses.


The courses offered by the working group Exercise Psychology include psychological theory and research methods. Students learn how to apply their learnings in a scientific context (e.g., reading scientific articles, writing scientific texts) and in practical settings (e.g., designing and evaluating programs for physical activation). The teaching methodology is based on principles of higher education (e.g., problem-focused learning) and psychological research findings (e.g., consideration of different learning styles; fostering of a growth mindset). Students are invited to actively participate in structuring the courses.

Courses offered

  • Module 08-001-0107 Subject and Methods of Sports Science II – Research Seminar Exercise Psychology

  • Module 08-006-0002 Research Methods in Sport Psychology

  • Module 08-006-0007 Interventions, Behavior Change, and Leadership Skills Grounded in Psychological Theories in Physical Activity Programs in Prevention and Rehabilitation Setting

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