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Are you interested in participating in our research studies? Are you ready to contribute to science by sharing your opinions and experiences? Have a look at our current projects to determine if you fit the profile of any of our studies seeking research participants! 

The topics of the studies are “gait analysis”, “family caregivers”, and “physical performance of older adults in the laboratory.”

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Exercise Psychology

Physical activity, sedentary behavior and other potentially health-related behaviors in older age are the main focus of research in the working group Exercise Psychology.

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Studierendenperspektive in Seminar


The courses offered by the working group Exercise Psychology include psychological theory and research methods.

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Unterstützung bei Gymnastik


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Jun.-Prof. Ph.D. Nanna Notthoff

Jun.-Prof. Ph.D. Nanna Notthoff

Junior Professor

Exercise Psychology (JP)
Haus 1, B-Trakt
Jahnallee 59, Room 1403
04109 Leipzig

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