Students who are interested in the research topics of the working group Exercise Psychology are welcome to complete their theses with us. It is possible to for students to develop their own research ideas (with consultation) or to work on one of the suggested topics. Interested students should contact Jun.-Prof. Notthoff, Ph.D. for an office hours appointment / book it via the online scheduling system.

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Preparation for the final thesis, Photo: Unsplash

Possible Topics for Theses in the working group Exercise Psychology:

  • How are different types of physical activity (e.g., structured sports, activities for transportation, household activities, etc.) associated with outcomes such as physical and functional health, cognitive performance, social participation, and psychological well-being? Focus: Older adults, adult life span. Secondary data analysis or systematic literature review.
  • How does sedentary behavior develop across the (adult) life span? Secondary data analysis or systematic literature review.

  • How is sedentary behavior distributed across the day? Are there differences between younger and older adults? Secondary data analysis, own data collection, or systematic literature review.

  • Which types of physical activities do older adults favor/prefer? What role does the context in which activities are carried out play (e.g., alone or in a standing/variable group setting; with a standing or variable time)? Own data collection.

  • How prevalent are age stereotypes among professionals who offer physical activity programs for older adults? How do they affect older participants’ motivation for and satisfaction with the activity programs? Own data collection.

  • Comparison of views on aging/age stereotypes between instructors in different sports and activity settings. Own data collection.
  • How active are people together with their pets? Own data collection.
  • Online physical activity programs: What characterizes successful programs? What promotes/prevents participation of older adults in online physical activity programs? Own data collection.
  • How do users of regular bicycles and e-bikes differ in their health motivation and their motivation for physical activity as well as in their fitness levels? Own data collection.

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