Are you interested in a stay abroad during your Sport Science studies? Start planning now. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to get to know a foreign culture, meet new people, improve your language skills, and come back with countless new experiences. Here, you will find important information about your study abroad, your internship abroad, or your teaching stay with Erasmus+.

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To plan and prepare for your stay abroad, please have a careful look at the website. On the right-hand side of the website, you will find important downloads.

Foreign partner universities and institutions

Find a suitable Erasmus+ study place at a partner university via our portal for study abroad; please enter your subject in the drop-down menu.

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Study abroad with Erasmus+

  • For enrolled students who are working towards their degree at Leipzig University
  • Participation is not dependent on nationality
  • At least 3 months of study abroad
  • Current Erasmus+ study places at partner universities can be found here: portal for periods abroad; please enter your subject in the drop-down menu
  • Country-specific monthly Erasmus+ grant
  • You will not be required to pay tuition fees at the Erasmus+ partner university
  • More information on Erasmus+ studies on the pages of the International Centre

The application documents for Erasmus+ studies should be submitted by mail to your Erasmus+ coordinator by the following deadlines:

Applications for the winter semester and summer semester: Deadline 15.12.

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Application form
  • Letter of motivation/justification of the study project
  • Two letters of recommendation; one of them must be from a university instructor
  • Language certificate for the language of instruction
  • Grade point average (overview of grades from AlmaWeb)

The selection is based on the timely and complete submission of all application materials, justification of the study intention (letter of motivation and recommendation letters), knowledge of the language of instruction, and grade point average.

Please send your complete application documents in one coherent PDF file to erasmus.spowi(at) Please name your PDF file according to the following standard: Last Name, First Name - Document name.

You will receive the nomination confirmation in February at the latest, with which you can apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship at the International Centre (see Erasmus+ registration). Your Erasmus+ coordinator will forward your nomination to the partner university. You will then receive (usually by email) a request to apply, which you are requested to fulfill by the given deadline with the required documents.

Three months before the start of your stay at the latest, you have to register online at the International Centre for the Erasmus+ scholarship. All necessary steps and further important information can be found on the Erasmus+ page of the International Centre.

1. Agree on study program

If you have any questions regarding recognition, please contact the person responsible for the module separately and clarify whether the corresponding courses of the foreign partner university can be recognized for your studies.

2. Prepare a study agreement (Learning Agreement)

Please prepare this in consultation with your Erasmus+ coordinator before starting your stay abroad. An explanatory video on how to create the learning agreement can be found here:

The following criteria apply for recognition of your academic achievements completed at the partner university:

  • The learning outcomes and competencies are comparable (mentioned in module description)
  • The level of study is comparable
  • The courses fit into the qualification goal and study profile of your study program
  • The amount of work to be done is comparable

Please fill out the Learning Agreement completely. You must take at least 30 credit points (ECTS) during the semester abroad. It is also possible to take language courses. Not all credit points have to be recognized at Leipzig University.

When is a good time for a semester abroad?

  • We recommend a semester abroad in the fifth semester of your Bachelor's degree and in the third semester of your Master's degree.
  • In the teacher training programs, the seventh semester is also a good time.

Further possibilities for your stay abroad

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Practice abroad

Gain international practical experience and make valuable contacts abroad.


Internship abroad with Erasmus+

Student in a foreign city
turn around
turn back

Stay abroad outside Europe

Study outside the European borders. Our university is networked with a large number of partner universities worldwide.


Period abroad worldwide

turn around
turn back

Teaching visits for academics

Working in another country also means getting used to a new work environment.


Teaching abroad

turn around
  • Self-organized internship via Erasmus+ at an individually selected institution
  • Start and end dates of the internship can be chosen freely
  • Minimum duration of 60 days (two months)
  • Information about the Erasmus+ internship on the pages of the International Centre
  • You will find links to various internship platforms on the website of the International Office, which will be helpful in your search for a suitable internship position
  • Here, you will find funding opportunities for a stay abroad worldwide (i.e. outside Europe).
  • Here, you will find options for financial support for subject-specific courses, language courses, or for writing your thesis abroad.

Scientists and research assistants as well as doctoral candidates have the opportunity to complete teaching visits at Erasmus+ partner universities several times per academic year. For this purpose, a signed inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement (iiA) between the Leipzig University and the partner university should be available. Please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator if you are planning a teaching period abroad. You can find more information on the intranet.

The “entdecker” (discoverer) app

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The “entdecker” (discoverer) app is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, photo: Universität Leipzig

The International Centre’s German-language app “entdecker – Abenteuer Ausland” supports students from Leipzig University before, during, and even after their time abroad. Whether you head to another country to study, for an internship, or for a subject-related or language course, the “entdecker” app is your mobile companion for your adventures abroad. More information is available on the German entdecker website. You are welcome to download the app and start planning your time abroad.


At this point, we would like to answer a few frequently asked questions. At the same time, we would like to remind you to contact the International Office and the faculty's ERASMUS+ coordinator in good time.

Where can I get information about the partner university?

The Leipzig University provides information about its partner universities via the portal for study abroad. In addition, you can get information directly on the websites of the partner universities (e.g., in the course catalog).

Should I use a specific form for the letter of recommendation?

It is possible to use a form for the letter of recommendation, but it is not necessary. An informal letter is perfectly sufficient.

Is the high-school diploma/certificate of university entrance qualification sufficient as proof of language skills?

For the application for an Erasmus study space, yes. After nomination, you will probably have to take an online test; you will receive the relevant information from the International Office.

How many credit points or ECTS do I have to take during a semester abroad?


I am currently receiving Bafög. Does this also apply to a study abroad programme?

Yes, those entitled to Bafög should apply for Bafög well in advance (at least 6 months) before starting their stay abroad. Even if you do not regularly receive BAföG in Germany, it may be worthwhile to apply for BAföG abroad

What happens after I have received the nomination notification from the subject coordinator?

After you have received your nomination letter, you must apply with it to your partner university. You will find instructions on this on the partner university's website. Please note that to take up studies at the partner university, you must provide valid proof of the required language level, i.e., if you have indicated that you are still learning the language/language level, please remember to take the relevant test with proof. Please also remember to apply for Erasmus+ funding in good time and bear in mind that you will need to make some further preparations before your stay, e.g., drawing up the Learning Agreement.

Where can I find information about the courses offered?

You can find information about the courses in the course catalogs of the partner universities.

How and where can I find accommodation?

You will receive information about accommodation in the host country on the homepages of the respective universities or from the host university after a positive application. You are responsible for organizing your accommodation.

Is it still possible to complete a semester abroad if I have missed the application deadline?

Generally, there is the possibility of remaining spaces. You can enquire about this by email.

What if the courses I specified in the Learning Agreement are not offered at the partner university?

If the course choice abroad is not the same as on your Learning Agreement, you need to make a change. There is a form called "During the Mobility" for this purpose. You can find the form in the “Wegzehrung”. There is also an instruction to fill it out.

I cannot complete my semester abroad due to illness, what do I have to do?

Please get in touch with the Erasmus coordinator.

How can I have the ECTS credited to me at Leipzig University?

You will find a form "ANERKENNUNGSERGEBNISSE AN DER UNIVERSITÄT LEIPZIG" in the Wegzehrung. There is also an INSTRUCTION for you to fill out. After successful signing, it must then be sent to the International Office.

Do all completed ECTS have to be credited at Leipzig University?

No, not all ECTS have to be taken into account.

What if I cannot/don’t want to have any ECTS recognised at Leipzig University?

Even in this case, this document "ANERKENNUNGSERGEBNISSE AN DER UNIVERSITÄT LEIPZIG" must be completed. You should cross out the fields for entering the courses in the document, and you can check the inclusion in the Diploma Supplement. After that, you have to send it for signing to your Erasmus Coordinator and then to the International Office.

What happens if I do not manage to complete the 30 ECTS?

Please contact the Erasmus coordinator. An arrangement can be found. But you have to prove that you have attended the courses.

How do I get an internship?

A lot of initiative is required when looking for the right internship position. You can organize your internship by yourself through contacts. The internship exchanges, which are linked on the pages of the International Centre, are also helpful for the search.

What kind of language certificate do I need for my internship abroad?

You need a language certificate for the working language at the internship workplace (usually at least B2).

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