We are glad to announce you the speakers and topics of our second virtual session "Swimmer's shoulder" on September 22nd, 2022.

Speakers and topics

  • Nuno Batalha: Muscle strengthening for injury prevention on swimmer´s shoulder – before or after aquatic training?

  • Mario J. Costa: Exploring the links between shoulder strength and in-water technical ability

  • Stef Feijen: Can we predict shoulder pain in swimmers based on e.g. swimming volume in combination with risk factors

  • Kylie Holt: Subscapularis tendinopathy is highly prevalent in elite swimmers shoulder: An MRI study

  • Daniel Marinho: The Effectiveness of Land and Water Based Resistance Training on Shoulder Rotator Cuff Strength and Balance of Youth Swimmers

  • Kipling P. Sharpe: Swimmer's Shoulder: Thoughts on Pathophysiology

  • Bodo E. Ungerechts: Swimmer‘s shoulder prevention due to appropriate start of vortex-oriented hand action

  • Yuiko Matsuura: Swimmer´s Shoulder Research: Swimming Technique

Presentations of all virtual sessions can be found HERE

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