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Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Elbe

Status innerhalb der Fakultät

Full Professor for Sport Psychology


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


  • State Examination for Secondary School teaching (1998): Subjects English and Physical Education (Free University Berlin, Germany)
  • Doctoral Degree /PhD: (2001) Free University Berlin, Germany
    • Title of the Dissertation: Women and Competitive Sports – a Cross-Cultural Comparison between Germany and the USA
  • Post Doctoral Lectureship Qualification (Habilitation) in Sport Science (2005) University of Potsdam, Germany
    • Title of the Habilitation: Motivation and Volition in Top-Level Sports: Diagnostic Procedures and the Development of Sport Relevant Personality Factors during Youth


  • Since 01/2018: Full Professor for Sport Psychology, Leipzig University, Germany
  • 02/2007 - 05/2017: Associate Professor for Sport and Exercise Psychology, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 10/2006 - 01/ 2007: Senior Lecturer for Sport and Exercise Psychology, School of Psychology and Sport Science, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  • 05/ 2006 - 09 /2006: Acting Chair for Sport Psychology, Institute for Sport Science, University of Potsdam, Germany
  • 04 /2001 - 04 /2006: Lecturer and researcher in the Department of Sport Psychology, Institute for Sport Science, University of Potsdam, Germany


Research Interests

  • Motivation and Volition
  • Talent Development
  • Doping prevention
  • Scale development
  • The integrative role of sport in multicultural societies
  • Team sports and health


Professional Activities



Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Elbe
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